It Support Technician

Nowadays, more and more companies are becoming dependent on rapid response to IT issues in order to function effectively. It’s little wonder that IT support roles are amongst some of the most competitive on the job market, which is why you’ll need to do everything you can to outdo the competition and give yourself the best shot possible when pursuing the role of your dreams.

What Does an IT Technician Do?

The role and responsibilities of an IT technician can vary wildly from company to company. In larger companies, an IT technician will be part of a larger department, carrying out basic duties like installation, maintenance and support of IT equipment and facilities. Simple duties can include the installation of desktop and laptop computers, the configuration of computers and networks, and the refining of applications and software crucial to the smooth running of day-to-day operations. Technicians will also usually be responsible for overseeing upgrades to IT systems as and when the need arises. More involved roles will fall under 1t line IT support. These kind of roles are usually referred to as Tier I. These specialists need to be able to quickly determine issues based on a customer’s complaints and feedback, before analysing the issue and providing a prompt and effective resolution.

What’s Expected of an IT Support Technician

There are no set requirements for entry-level positions in the IT support sector. However, most companies will expect that applicants have a solid knowledge of computer software and hardware components. A relevant degree in IT is advantageous and most employers will require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement. Some roles will be advertised at a much more junior level, with advanced training provided, similar to apprenticeship schemes. You’ll also need some solid customer service skills, including the ability to explain technical issues to individuals who don’t come from a technical background.

Career Progression Opportunities in IT

Even though many IT support roles can start out at quite a junior level, there’s plenty of career progression available. If you’re pursuing a role within a large organisation, you can pursue a supervisory or management role within an IT support team or department. If you choose to pursue further training, you can also chase more senior roles within the sector with potential roles in fields like network engineering, IT security, technical sales, business analysis and database administration. Nowadays, many companies are looking to bolster their in-house IT support so you can expect to find many organisations recruiting relatively senior IT support positions into fields where you mightn’t ordinarily expect to land a role. At Kingston Noble, we’ve plenty of insights into what’s available out there. In particular, we can advise you on alternative career paths with IT and nursing.

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