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IT is an incredibly competitive field, especially when it comes to entry level IT support jobs. To give yourself the best possible chance of landing that dream IT support job, make sure you’re pursuing positions suited to your skill level and consider the various environments in which IT roles are offered. Although many job-seekers are tempted by tech heavyweights, there’s plenty of opportunities elsewhere. IT support jobs in schools are just one possible entry point, giving you a dynamic environment in which to work in and the chance to quickly take ownership of highly rewarding projects. There’s also plenty of rewarding IT technical and support roles available within the nursing and care sectors. Kingston Noble are on hand to provide you with all the insights when it comes to landing a dream position in IT, helping you trounce the competition, secure an interview and propel yourself to the next rung on the career ladder.

IT Support Jobs UK: Roles and Responsibilities

There’s no one-size-fits-all remit when it comes to IT support jobs. Generally speaking, a job in IT support usually refers to a technician who is responsible for maintaining the networks and computer systems of an organisation. IT support roles and responsibilities can be as simple as installing and configuring new computer systems and hardware, while more involved IT support analyst jobs can require an individual to diagnose hardware and software faults, offering insights and resolutions to technical problems on a daily basis. In the past, IT support jobs were often remote positions, with advice dispensed over the phone and access handled via the internet. Today, more and more companies are seeing the worth of incorporating IT system support jobs into their main in-house team.

Climb the Career Ladder with a Role in IT

Regardless of which level you start out, a career as an IT support technician can be highly rewarding with plenty of progression. The starting salary for someone pursuing an IT support career can vary wildly and is dependent on many factors, including location, existing experience and any certifications you might hold. There’s plenty of entry level IT support jobs in the UK that can yield impressive progression opportunities for the right candidates, especially if you’re actively developing your skills on the job. In just a few years, a job in IT support can blossom into a position as a senior systems analyst, software developer, programmer and more.

Get in Touch with Kingston Noble Today

Ready to take the next steps toward a rewarding career in IT? Speak to the team at Kingston Noble today to see how we can help you we can help you land your dream role. Whether you’re newly qualified and want to see what IT support roles are out there, or need a little help navigating the confusing world of career progression, our expert team are on hand to help you see the wood from the trees. Drop us a message via our online enquiry form, or give us a call direct on: 0121 693 1024.

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